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The 2012 Auction has ended. Thank you for bidding! If you placed the winning bid you will receive payment instructions by Monday, July 9th. If you have any questions, please email us.

Mommies Funding Research is a group started by the July 2007 moms from babycenter.com created to raise money for causes that are near and dear to our hearts. Every year we intend to hold an auction to raise money for these causes. Last year we raised over $1000 (combined) for SMA and MPS! This year we hope to raise even more money to help find a cure for both SMA and MPS. Our auction is in honor of two very special babies who have touched our lives. To learn about these beautiful angels, please read Hannah's Story and Sawyer's Story.

Jun 21, 2012

Retractable badge holders

 Don't you just get so tired of wearing the same old ugly badge holder everyday? These cute holders have a 36" retractable pull cord, alligator & tension slide clips that hold them securely in place, and a reinforced vinyl snap strap keeps your badge safely attached. Badge holders are $15 a piece (no bidding). Because these items are sold one by one, you may pay now and they will be shipped immediately - no waiting for the auction to end. Please indicate which style you want in the comments below.

All proceeds go to Families of SMA in memory of Sawyer Eberhardt.
Donation made by Monica Eberhardt

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